Surfboard Models

Crystal Ship - noserider, square and pin tail

Crystal Ship(left) - noserider 

Cool Breeze(right) - midlength with a single fin or twin fin option. 

Promised Land - noserider

Bear Blade - step up twin pin

(Left to right) Wild Caught Fish/Attaboy v2/Electric Feel 

Wild Caught Fish - is a more traditional outline fish with the nose and tail slightly pulled in, adding curve to fit our waves in New Jersey and much of the east coast. This is one that can be ridden in anything waist to head high and beyond depending how far you want to push it. 
Attaboy v2 - is another hybrid fish with a quad set up, this allows for more control and tighter turns. Slight curve by the fins allows for this model to be very versatile. If you want to switch up your groveler for a fish but are scared of a twin this is the way to go.

Electric Feel - Round tail twin fin. Tons of speed and drive from low entry rocker, single concave and fin placement. Surfs the pocket very well, vertical surfing is no issue for this twinny thanks to the outline and tail rocker. Works great in punchy waist high to as far overhead plus barrels.


  Remedy - pulled in twin fin fish with curves in all the right places. This board goes well in anything waist to overhead. Tons of down the line speed with a great mix of drawn out lines with some top to bottom surfing. Remedy for your shortboard surfing frustration.

Nug - Round nose twin fin for maximizing smaller days. Low rocker for speed, hip in the tail for some more top to bottom lines. 

Positive Reality - Winged swallow tail twin fin for small days with a little push to overhead rippable days. Low entry rocker for ease of paddle, complimented by a nice tail flick through and after the fins. This board has good drive and down the line speed but can be surfed top to bottom as well due to it’s pulled in nose/tail. Great performance twin.